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Kangen Water: Health Success Stories

As told by: Verla M. Marsh

Verla MarshIn February of 2010, doctors performed needle and surgical biopsies on my breast which I was advised was, indeed, malignant. Subsequent and numerous tests; MRI’s with contrast, Ultra sound, etc. further confirmed that I had breast cancer. I was scheduled for a bilateral (double) mastectomy on April 27th, 2010.

Now, follow this; I live in Oklahoma, my friend Karen Carr lives in Central California, our mutual friend, Sam West lives in Arkansas (150 miles from me), Danny Daniels lives in North Carolina…Karen called me around 6:00 pm CST the first week of March telling me about Kangen water and how it had helped others with many health issues including cancer. Sam West was visiting Karen and Mike in California and Karen handed him the telephone. Sam advised me that they were getting on the telephone and would, somehow, have Kangen water delivered to me that night. He told me that I must commit to drinking at least one gallon of the water daily and refrain from drinking any sodas. Sam and Karen got on the telephone trying to find someone, anyone, to bring me the water immediately. They connected with Danny Daniels who “just happened” (?) to be visiting his mother in Gentry, AR which is about 30 miles from my home. At approximately 9:00pm that same night, Danny was at our home. He carries a Kangen water machine with him, he hooked it up to our faucet and made fresh Kangen water for me that very evening. He also advised me to drink a full gallon of water every day. I did as I was told, even thought I’ve never really been a water drinker. Water, surgery or chemotherapy/radiation? Water was more appealing to me.

Sam and Danny continued to bring me the water every 6-8 days, always saying, “Drink more water”! Karen was also calling me just about daily, saying, “Drink more water!” The middle of April, Sam stood in my living room and asked me to please request another MRI. I did call my surgeon requesting another but he told me that my insurance company would not pay for another MRI so soon after one had already been done. I did not believe that we could personally afford the expense to have one done so the double mastectomy was performed on April 27th. I took a gallon of Kangen water with me to the hospital even though I still thought “Water is water”. I only spent one night in the hospital. Upon checking out the nursing staff told me that I would wear the two drainage tubes for, probably, four weeks. On the 7th day the surgeon removed the left tube, on the 10th day he removed the right one and the stitches (staples), telling me that I was healing like a person in their 20’s; I was 75! He then said “Oh, your pathology report is back. There was no evidence of cancer in any of the tissue.”!! My husband asked him how that could be, the answer by the well known surgeon ? “Well, it happens sometimes”!

We know how it happened and why I recovered so quickly (and at my age!)…Give the body what it needs and it will take care of itself.

I was on two high blood pressure prescriptions per day, a Nexium for acid reflux, Celebrex for arthritis, Imodium for IBD and a prescription ointment for a rash on my hands which I now know was caused by the inflammation of the arthritis. As of the first week of June 2010, the rash is gone and I am off all medications! Oh, by the way, I was off the water for 2-1/2 weeks…my symptoms came roaring back…I got back on the water and the next day I was better, in two days I did not have any problems.

My husband Jack said “We cannot put a price tag on your health, we are purchasing a machine”! We purchased our own SD 501 Kangen machine and are sharing the water with friends and family. We continue to and always will drink Kangen water to keep our bodies healthy and fit.

I am here to support and help in any way I can. Please don’t hesitate to send me an email or give me a call.

Change Your Water Change Your Life!

God bless

04/02/2012 UPDATE!!
2 years later and I am still cancer free! Praise God for his blessings!

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