Killing Cancer… Not People! What a Great Idea!

Killing Cancer... Not People!Bob Wright, author of Killing Cancer – Not People and Director of the American Anti-Cancer Institute has no vested interest when it comes to water ionizers (or any other product). His ONLY mission is to help others rid themselves (and prevent) the Big “C” naturally by sharing his knowledge with others. The title of his book says it all and it is a MUST READ!

Below is an excerpt from an email communication between Bob Wright and someone who wrote to him after reading his book. Keep in mind that Bob is NOT offering medical advice…just his educated opinion of a proven natural approach to a very big problem.

The Kangen Water is the best ionized water (by far) that I have researched – and we recommend it highly. When you understand that it is very alkaline and the best way to bring the body to alkalinity the fastest, that it is also very hydrating and, most importantly in my opinion, that each 12 ounce glass has more antioxidant capacity that all the organic fruits and vegetables that one could possibly eat in a day, then it becomes more comprehensible. I would start drinking the 8.5, move to the 9.0, then the 9.5; trying to work up to an ounce per pound of body weight per day. After a couple weeks on lots of 9.5, I would start to add 4 ounces three times per day of the 11.5. I would increase that gradually over time up to 16 ounces 3 times per day for a couple of months. Again, that’s what I would do – and we have seen the fantastic results with people who do that.

AIW (Alkaline Ionized Water)

The AACI (American Anti-Cancer Institute) chose Alkaline Ionized water as our Number One recommended natural product for cancer patients and cancer prevention due to the combination of three unique properties it possesses: “AIW” is: 1) alkaline in pH; 2) powerfully antioxidant; 3) restructured.

We believe AIW to be essential to health and wellness for anyone (well or sick) especially cancer patients whose body pH can become dangerously acidic—particularly during and after surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. If you’ve been referred to this page by someone who owns an ionizer and you’re interested in buying one, make sure to get the very best. We recommend a particular company in our first book in a series, “Killing Cancer – Not People.”

Killing Cancer – Not People (Chapter 6 – Living Water) by Robert Wright


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